Adela (2021)

(Opera for two voices, Viola, French Horn, and Electronics)

Based on Lorca’s, The House of Bernarda Alba, this short scene is inspired by my favourite part of the play — the interaction between Adela and her grandmother. Using words from the play about Adela’s desire to escape, to the farmyard with the chickens or among the olive groves; while her senile grandmother (who is normally locked up in the back of the house) is muttering about how the townspeople are angry. I end this piece with highly dramatic fixed media and improvisation to leave the audience unsure of the end. Did Adela commit suicide (as actually occurs in the Lorca play) or did she escape the stifling house? 

Composer | Patrick Shepherd

Libretto | Arabella Watkiss

Director | Maddie Brookes

Musical Director | James Gillett

Maria Josefa | Laura Coppinger (soprano) 

Adela | Amy Kearsley (mezzo soprano)

Nadia Eskandari (Viola)

George Strivens (Horn)